Chiltern Cycle Challenge 2013

OK so a crisp sunny Sunday morning in April and Glen and I completed the 55km Chiltern Cycle. We set off at 8:30 and cycled to the start. Where we collected our numbers and headed off. At about 7 km we heard the rumblings of 'The Beast' behind us low and behold we turned to see our 'support' team of Helen and Adrian in his camper van. This was to be a constant surprise as we cycled through the Buckinghamshire countryside. One that Glen and mulled over as reminding us of a bad american horror 'B' movie where two cyclists are stalked by the evil villain. At 20km we got to the foot of our first serious climb of the day 140m ascending in 2km. We conquered it! 

Now only two more to climbs to go our confidence was up. However at 29km we started the next climb the Hors Categories Smalldean lane and after a very badly mistimed piss stop as we approached the steepest part of the hill we backed up the traffic and a small walk was needed to reach the top. No shame in that at a gradient of 24%. Then it was a quick descent followed by the switch back climb up to Speen. This was much more civilised 15% ascent and quite enjoyable. After another long and terrifying descent (the pot holes are a nightmare). We started the final climbs of the day, the long drag up Hampden road where we spotted 'The Beast' and next to it was The Bat'. 'The Bat' (see pictures) is Buckinghamshire's very own 'El Diablo' and he accompanied us along a section of this climb. Then the short climb around Chequers to Butlers Cross. Then we cruised back to Aylesbury, well I say cruise both Glen and I averaged 30km hr for the last 8km. As we approached the finish a ripple of applause was heard and then 'the Bat' started cheering, a wry smile crossed my face as we'd made it and at the time I was after just under 3 hours.

Thanks to my wife, Glen and Adrian 'The Bat' and all those that sponsored us we have raised between us £730 for Iain Rennie Hospice. 


Next up the 55 mile Tour de Vale...

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